Elongated coin from the Ironbridge Gorge Museum in UK | GatherEC.com

Happy SinterKlaas!

If you’re a fan of David Sedaris, you are probably familiar with the Dutch way of celebrating Saint Nicholas Day.  Happy Dutch children enjoy gift opening a full 19 days before their American counter parts and, as Sedaris suggested, they get a svelte and groomed Santa Clause to boot. My friend Kees and I have been exchanging notes on how the two cultures celebrate holidays.  Kees… Read more →

Elongated coin from Grant's Farm with turkey St. Louis, Missouri | GatherEC.com

Belated Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone had a really great turkey day.  This year, we had a small gathering, just my siblings and I.  My brother, still in high school, single-handedly made a 15 lb heritage bronze turkey 🙂  It tasted amazing, lots of dark meat with crispy skin. I did a search in my collection for turkey related ECs and came across a… Read more →

Elongated coin from Trading Post in Indian River, Michigan | GatherEC.com

Trading Post – Indian River, Michigan

This was the very first elongated coin I pressed! I was in high school and was invited to vacation with my friend’s family.  As we were driving up to the cabin in northern Michigan, we stopped at the Trading Post to fill up for gas.  And there it was, an elongated machine! Thinking back, I remember making a decision to collect… Read more →

Time for a Change!

Dear friends and fellow collectors, I have a big announcement – the GatherEC website will be undergoing a long term reconstruction! GatherEC Website Reconstruction – I am taking down most of the content within GatherEC to slowly rebuild the site again.  Other than blog posts, all pages will go through this process. But Why…?  This website has been a way for… Read more →

Frank Zappa Baltimore

Frank Zappa and the Chesapeake House

Thanks to Steve and Cassandra, I got a new set of coins from the Chesapeake House.  The Chesapeake House is a rest stop on I-95, actually one of the nicest rest area I’ve been to.  It makes for a nice breaking spot when traveling from Washington DC to New York City. A head and bust of Frank Zappa was on… Read more →

St Michaels Hooper Strait Lighthouse

Summer Weekend at St Michaels

Closing the summer, I would like to share one more great vacation spot that unfortunately doesn’t have an EC machine.  However, just like scientific research should publish both positive and negative results, I figured I should write about our trips even when they turn out negatively on the penny machine hunt 🙂 I was looking for a quick weekend getaway to celebrate Jennifer’s… Read more →

Disneyland Elongated Coin

Happy Belated 60th Anniversary Disneyland!

Disneyland celebrated its 60th anniversary on July 17th.  I wasn’t able to make it in person, but it looked like an amazing event! Have you noticed?  I’ve been slowly updating the EC images in order to provide details of each elongated coin.  I’m working my way through my entire collection, starting from the Disneyland set. Check back often!   Read more →

Tinker Bell Disney Happiest Place on Earth

Disney World Itinerary

We’re talking about Disney World coin pressing itinerary, of course 🙂 Elongated coin collectors sometime have a love-hate relationship with Disney.  We love Disney coins!  They’re beautifully designed, the impressions almost always come out clean, and retired coins tend to raise in value.  We hate Disney coins… because there are just so many of them! Right now in Walt Disney World, there are 633… Read more →

Mall of American Underwater Adventure Shark

Shark Week!

Celebrating Discover Channel’s Shark Week, let’s take a look at places around the world where you can press your shark coin! Sea Life London Aquarium – London, England At the London Aquarium in Westminster, visitors can snorkel with their sharks in residence! If you’re a swimmer and can get one of those priority tickets, this seems like a great experience… Read more →

Luray Caverns Dream Lake

Speleothems in Luray Caverns

Happy 4th of July! Keeping with the “cool” summer theme, I want to introduce Luray Caverns, a great place to visit no matter how hot the weather gets outside! Luray is a small town that’s part of Shenandoah Valley, made famous by the underground wonder that were discovered almost 150 years ago.  Shortly after the caverns were discovered, it was quickly… Read more →