About Me

Hi! My name is Janet and I started this website in 1999 (on Angelfire).
I’ve been struggling to catalog my entire collection. Every time I get close to finishing, I get dozens more coins from trades or trips. I guess the hobby is more about the process and less of the goal, and I really enjoy every aspect of it.

eMail: admin@gatherec.com

About this Web Site

It’s a blog and anyone can leave comments. Since I’m the only person to design/update/manage/edit this site, your email address doesn’t go anywhere else. If you don’t feel comfortable leaving your information, you can make up a name and email. Inappropriate comments will be deleted.
If you’d like to write posts too, just let me know and I can setup an account for you.
Any suggestion is welcome! Please email me with any comments.

Current population: 5283 elongated coins