Tobacco Shop (Tabak) and Miniature Castle (Montagnetto)

Thomas is keeping me honest through corrections 🙂
So I guess the better translation of Weissenhauser Strand is White House Beach instead of White Beach House. And, of course, the machine wasn’t on the beach. Thomas helped me with the location and address, now corrected on the page.

Here is a new set from Tabak Witt, pre-reviewed
Lighthouse, Eckernforde, Germany

For the next set, I decided not to be so lazy and look up the coin information from Thomas’s website. After clicking through many links and looking at many of his collections, I finally found Heidekastell Montagnetto (Iserhatsche). By the way, judging solely on the coin images, there are a lot of castles in Germany…

Iserhatsche has its own website. It is also listed in the Bispingen tourism page. I got no information from those sources, however, since those pages load too slowly. According to Wiki, Iserhatsche is a country home and park of over 23 acres, opened to the public since WWII. Montagnetto refers to one of the building on the estate, which is a miniature of an Italian style castle.
Montagnetto at Iserhatsche, Bispingen, Germany

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